The Elements Entwine

Note: This is a portion of Chapter 2 of The Elements Entwine. It is a fanfic that I am still writing for my students, related to Game of Thrones. Please go to Archive of Our Own and enjoy the 9 chapters that I have written so far. My students are older high school kids. They just haven’t seen Chapter 9, which is labeled EXPLICIT!!!!!


“This is my sister, Princess Sansa, Warden of the North and the true keeper of the blood of the First Men and the Old Gods.”

Gods, there is something endearing about this man… I mean King.

Lady Sea Sauvage curtseyed and extended her hand to Sansa with gesture of openness.  “My Lady, it is wonderful to meet you. I have long admired your strength and commend you on your graciousness.”

Jon continued with the formalities, “This is my sister, Princess Arya, Lady of the North and the best swordswoman in our realm.”

“Lady Arya, I too was taught by Serio Forel, though it seems like it was another lifetime. I would ask you to do me the pleasure of sparring with me.”

“My Lady”, said Jon “here we are just family tied together as we are by our struggles, our wounds, and now  we are healing. Sit down and let us be finished with the formalities of court. You are among friends Please call me Jon.”

“And just call me Arya”, she exclaimed, breathing a sigh of relief. “So when would you like to begin our competition?” she winked at Lady Sea Sauvage, who winked back in return.

“As soon as you can find me some warm breeches and boots. I am ready and speaking of warmth, Lady Sansa, I need to thank you for the beautiful socks.”  My King”, she paused, glancing at Jon and continued, “I mean Jon, told me they are created by your own hand.  They are finely wrought and most importantly, keep my feet warm against this enduring cold of your north. I have never worn socks made by a Princess before! ”

“Please let there be no more formalities among us, please call me Sansa”

“I agree, my name is Marisol, which means the union of the sea and sun. At home, we don’t stand on such formalities, unless necessary.”

Sansa looked quizzically at Jon. “My socks, Jon? Will you be distributing my socks to all of our visitors? You will have me knitting day and night!”

Sansa relaxed and genuinely smiled at Marisol continuing, “I am not surprised at my brother’s boldness. He himself often comes to my room looking for a pair of clean socks. Especially the woolen and rabbit ones!!!  I see my brother, that you have given our good Lady Marisol my socks. May they keep your feet warm and toasty.” she teased.  “Winter has come!”

Jon looked a bit chagrined at the revelation.  He looked at his sister and laughed heartily, “Well Sansa, somethings never change.”

“I’m glad for it” she replied.

The subtle tension in the room broke as everyone laughed. Jon thought well at least that part is over with. Now he felt more off balance. His sisters were so comfortable with Lady Sea… um…. Marisol. They were just as taken with her as he was. She did move like a water dancer.

Sansa, as always, taking the lead said.  “Come my Lady Marisol, sit with us here in this room. We are none but family as it should be!”

Jon pulled a heavy chair into a position where Marisol could sit, making sure that she was close to the hearth.  She sat down fluidly and then surprisingly she slipped off her silk shoes to reveal the brilliantly white socks.

“Here are the socks in question. I am not accustomed to this weather although I must say I have never seen anything more beautiful than the expanses of dazzling snow carpeting your land.”

Marisol stretched out her legs and wiggled her toes for everyone to see the beautiful socks.  At this. she broke into laughter which both Sansa and Arya joined in. “Thank you all for taking me into your hearts and your knitting basket.”



Author: synchronicityoftheheart

I am a writer, photographer, and swim instructor/coach. Yeah, I do a lot of stuff! I was lucky enough to grow up in both Puerto Rico and New York. I am obsessed with Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery in Viejo San Juan. It is located below El Castillo de San Felipe del Morro. I have multiple degrees from Utica College, Syracuse University, Old Dominion University, and Washington Institute of Natural Medicine. I was able to study photography at the Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute in Utica, NY and study writing at the Women's Writers Center in Cazenovia, NY.

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