Count Up: 127 Days after Hurricane Maria Made Landfall & 141 Days after Hurricane Irma Made Landfall in Puerto Rico.

Funny, how I keep posting @ least once a day to keep Puerto Rico’s plight in the public eye and I think people just don’t give a fuck. UNDERSTAND THIS, I will continue to post until our precious island has 100% power to every community.IMG_1215.jpg

Tropical Ghazal


Tropical Ghazal

imagine i kiss you with empty hands,

while a possible horizon meets the sea.

moments beyond touch, the elements suffuse,

entwine and are lost in each other.

if the sun, then i might,

lush tropicals press the wind wanting you.

slowly rocked by the nature of the sea,

i dream of you coming to me at night.

one line spells itself across the horizon,

push, push into the sea of me.