Pay Attention, I mentioned you!

IMG_0463.jpgOk. Today, I figured that I would just look everybody in the eyes and spit it out. You know, it is a bit difficult to write, when I know there are people still living without power, clean water, roads, and roofs for what is left of their homes in Puerto Rico. Let alone the homes that are completely destroyed. My island/MI ISLA. My heart/MI CORAZÓN. My soul/MI ALMA.

As of now, the count up continues with 128 days since Hurricane Maria made landfall and 142 days since Hurricane Irma made landfall. These hurricanes, have wiped away peoples lives. It is impossible to imagine.

Let me describe just a little. I spoke with my family after Irma hit and Manati (my home town) had not been directly in the path the hurricane cut across the island. But, the trees and gardens and all the planting was quite torn up.  We were all able to speak again a few days later. Nobody realized the devastation to come.

I spoke with my cousin the day before Maria and she described my extended family’s plans to shield themselves in a concrete storehouse built at the back of a limestone cliff. They had a generator and food and water. She told me to pray. I didn’t want to tell her I didn’t know how to pray anymore. My mother said enough rosaries for everybody 100 times over. It took 3 weeks before I was able to speak to a family member again.

Before the hurricanes, I was getting ready to move back to finish my novel. Now I can hardly write. An essential part of me is lost. It rained so hard, my storage unit is gone, with all my childhood belongings included. Gone. The rain poured down the walls of the house and tore down the cabinets that held my mother’s wedding china. Gone. Worst of all, I can’t imagine my family’s tumba/grave site. The cross was already crumbling. I know the flowers we put in the pots in August are gone. Gone.

My family is lucky. They have to resources to make repairs. Many people can’t do that. I can’t even get back because I have kids, dogs, work…. But, I will get there as soon as I can and document everything I can. Just don’t forget us, world.

I wish to thank all of the bloggers that have liked my photos and writing. This is a list since DAY 100 of everyone that has liked my blog. Heart felt thanks to all.

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Author: synchronicityoftheheart

I am a writer, photographer, and swim instructor/coach and finally, a yoga instructor! Yeah, I do a lot of stuff! I was lucky enough to grow up in both Puerto Rico and New York. I am obsessed with Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery in Viejo San Juan. It is located below El Castillo de San Felipe del Morro.

4 thoughts on “Pay Attention, I mentioned you!”

  1. I hope this dreadful Event can somehow be a springboard to get PR statehood or get the US government to take more responsibility. It doesn’t look like it in this political environment, but I have hope that things can change. There is much more needed in PR than electricity. Hoping we all find a way to make things change.


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