Gotta Have A Penthouse


I come

out of the wind moist

with ocean in my hair

to find you to lay

my head in your lap

the heat of your hand

on my face

stars in the mist


barefoot on the terrace


Another Secret Place Garden @ Caribe Hilton


It has been 142 Days since Hurricane Maria made landfall & 156 Days since Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico.

AEE currently reports they are generating 83.60% power with 72.98% abonados/subscribers having power in their homes. Sounds confusing to me too!




she walks

threading her way among the others

in search of the perfect

space so thin

passing through will scrape

the mortal cocoon away

let the soul transcend

through the needle’s eye

she would go

if she could

passing like a beam of light

into the immaculate

she whispers

to angels and saints

where, where

to the bright white 


O, she says


Let It Burn


Let It Burn

for my father


we burnt

the beach house today

roar so loud

it stilled the ocean

file after file, merely paper

such brittle ignition

palms applauded

with each gust

flames rose higher

like the Shakenna of the Lord

into the Caribbean morning

the wind deigned to sweep

the tiles clean that day

even the ashes imploded

 as we sat, with bodega lunch

refrescos del pais

our oily bags ascended

like balloons simply to vanish

as they hit the Trades

 almost done, ni un papel

un nombre, ni una vida sola

todo se fue con el viento

tropical evening falls so

immediate whispering

drinking Bacardi 151 y coca-cola


its done she said,

but everything’s gone

even my baby toys

We had to she said

then silence

as our drinks sloshed with the tide