Foolish Princess

IMG_0500.pngAnd the crows keep on walking as the triangle revolves.

Monument Valley Chapter 7 The Rookery

Those who stole our sacred geometry have forgotten their true selves.

Cursed to walk these monuments are they.

Foolish Princess, have you forgotten too?

Today is Day 204 since Hurricane Maria made landfall and Day 217 since Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico. StatusPR currently reports that electric generation remains at 95.20% for its subscribers.

Sometimes I feel like we are the crows wandering & wondering how long it is all going to take.


Chittenango Falls

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you know I read the sky for Orion

under the same stars tonight

will you chance to look above you

see the misgivings of years past alone

unreclaimable    do your dreams

bring you back to the promise

we could not make

eruptions of dead stars

ripple the fabric of our universe

suddenly there we stand

beyond space time at Chittenango Falls

water rushing its primordial edges

as we wade the stream below

all I want to do is whisper

stay with me    stay

with me this time