In The Dark Again – No Hay Luz


Today is Day 210 since Hurricane Maria made landfall and Day 223 since Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico. Today, the island has been plunged into a complete and utter power failure due to an accident when an excavator struck a power line (don’t have full details yet). Currently there is ZERO % generation of power for the next 24 – 36 hours. This sucks big time. Escuchame…… no hay luz por ningun sitio en la isla del entcanto.


Comments From Washington Post Article On Today’s Complete Blackout In Puerto Rico

I just wanted all of you to read this lunacy! BTW is there a full moon? It’s been a bit cloudy and I couldn’t see the moon last night. Yes, these are actual comments left on the Post’s site.

5 minutes ago
trump and his minions consider Puerto Rico to be one of those sh_thole countries. In other words nonwhite.
j silenci
49 minutes ago

Do we know that Putin hasn’t ordered the blackout at the Dump’s request? (“okay, but Vladddy, if you’re going to mess with the grid–do it in PR, okay? that works. I’ll fly down and toss some paper towels out again, that will give ME Great PR again.”)

Trump gets to have his cake and eat it, as the silver-spooned/bonespurred boy has done all his life.
50 minutes ago
Still they struggle and I am determined that they won’t be forgotten. #AmericansToo
50 minutes ago
Technically sure, but they’re not really Americans.
44 minutes ago
Who are you to decide who isn’t really an American?
emily jones
39 minutes ago
Oops, you forgot to use the sarcasm font.
the cavalier
35 minutes ago
IF it is meant as sarcasm…which I doubt it given the other posts from this entity, it fails miserably.
52 minutes ago

Puerto Rico should consider merging with Cuba.
They, at least, take care of their own as best they can.

Here in Trumptopia, you are nothing if you are not white and wealthy.
49 minutes ago
Agreed, they should leave the United States, anyway.
59 minutes ago
Of all the debacles in this Administration, the treatment of PR will go down as the most heinous.
48 minutes ago
What debacle? They got wiped out by a hurricane, and before that they wiped themselves out financially. They’ve been artificially propped up by the American taxpayers for too long as it is. Let them go their own way.
43 minutes ago
I’m sure the government is propping you up. Why don’t you go your own way so my tax dollars are wasted on someone with your mentality?
1 hour ago
Sounds like a Trump family photo op showing them ‘shooting hoops’ with Bounty!
1 hour ago
Just make them a State and get it over with. Bundle them with the rest of our Caribbean holdings and create a single state. Same with the Samoa’s.

It’s time to end this farce.