I’d do anything and have to keep this in and you anything 

and have to keep from hearing.

Olga Broumas




Of course,

you can see the hunger

in my eyes more clearly

than ever recognize yours

were you to stand eyes

to mirror and examine

the depth of needs

you act out daily


You lie to yourself


using every instrument

of vision    binoculars

and telescope to scan 

the horizon rather than

look into my eyes

and glimpse yourself

 alone   just as hungry

as breathless with desire


you are so unaccustomed 

to apotheosis   that ecstasy   

being wide open

like sky

though we sleep windows

doors flung aside

wake at sunrise to watch

blue to pink   lights

on the bridge the only seperation

of night and ocean

even then I must ask

for your embrace

though we share this

purely before

our defenses have wakened


what pulls you away

from me    after

we have made unabashed

love for hours intuitively

amorcito   in sleep you

lay your head on my breasts

content   our breath  our hearts


and full