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Everyone who falls into cold water unexpectedly wants to follow the same instinct: to swim hard and fight the water. But when you fight it, the chances are, you’ll lose. Instead you need to stay calm and #FloatToLive.

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Yes, I’m busy teaching people how to swim and save their lives every day, especially in the summer!


28 Years Older

La Fortaleza (The Governer of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló) tweeted this info today:

Currently Puerto Rico has a generation system that is 28 years older than the average in the electric power industry in the United States.

And that is the newly replaced system!!!!!


The AEE reports 99.70% of the homes and businesses throughout the island have power. Today is 270 days since Maria made landfall and 283 days since Irma made landfall on Puerto Rico. There are still 4,346 customers without power.