Jonsa Love Day Date……………. JONSA is My Personal Endgame!

To cap off the Love Day, Jon & Sansa went on a fabulous date dressed in their sexy best.

Thank you SirSimALot for creating these sims.

Clearly, I don’t care what GRRM or D & D write for Season 8. I still have my JONSA fix. Go get yours!







I chose the clothing, hair, and makeup for my Jonsa couple. I have also cheated their skill levels to 10 in everything and given them great jobs as well as unlimited funds and awesome house.


Sims 4 Seasons Playing Jonsa Of Course!

Today, The Sims 4 Seasons was finally up and playable. Needless to say, I played my JONSA couple.

The Spring Season features Love Day



Jon & Sansa had to give each other gifts,gift flowers, be enticing and loving. Very smoochy…. and look @ that manbun. Bravo ORIGIN for going GOT.


I did not make these sims myself. I found them in the community and quickly downloaded them. I also cheated their skills all the way up to 10s. LOL