Templo del Dios del Viento

Temple of the Wind God

Tulum Ruins, Quintana Roo, Mexico


In Case You’re Wondering… There’s Still Blue Tarp Roofs In San Juan


Things are much improved, but there’s still too much blue. You know what I’m talking about…..

A Secret View

Una Vista Secreta


As my daughter Ali and I walked through Santa Maria Magdalena De Pazzis, inspecting our favorite tumbas/tombs for damage from last year’s 2 hurricanes, (Yes!!!! I finally made it home for Thanksgiving), she noticed this view from the caretaker’s building.

Mientras mi hija Ali y yo caminábamos por Santa María Magdalena De Pazzis, inspeccionando nuestras tumbas / tumbas favoritas en busca de daños causados ​​por los 2 huracanes del año pasado, (¡Sí! Finalmente llegué a casa para el Día de Acción de Gracias), se dio cuenta de esta vista desde el edificio del cuidador.

One Year Anniversary Of Maria September 20th.

A month after Hurricane María, I met Angel St. Kitts in Humacao. He showed me his damaged home, and said, “It’s like it was yesterday.” Over the last 12 months in Puerto Rico, what’s changed? What hasn’t? One year later, his story…


PLEASE WATCH Puerto Then and Now

Somebody tweeted ” what road did you take to get to Puerto Rico?” I couldn’t resist so I replied… she took the long road. How else do you get home?