Aftermath Of Beryl. Over 14,000 homes and businesses without power. Yup all over again.

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ACTUALIZACIÓN 11:30AM – Al momento tenemos 14,181 clientes sin servicio (cantidad incluye clientes fuera desde el huracán María). Gracias

Update 11:30am-At the moment we have 14.181 customers without service (amount includes customers outside from Hurricane Maria). Thanks


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Right now, in Puerto Rico 14,758 customers are without electricity – this includes customers who’ve been without it since Hurricane maria, nearly 10 months ago. Also, now, remnants of tropical storm Beryl are moving across the island. Flash flooding is possible in some areas.

Remanentes de provocan inundaciones en San Juan. ¿Y la alcaldesa dónde está? Coqui…🐸

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Remnants of cause flooding in San Juan. Where’s the mayor ? Coqui…

FOTOS | Esto fue lo que dejó el paso de la onda tropical por Puerto Rico.

This is what is left after the tropical wave passed over Puerto Rico.


So this is what we’re looking like from yesterday to today. At least the power poles are still standing!

Así que esto es lo que estamos viendo desde ayer hasta hoy. ¡Al menos los polos de poder todavía están en pie!






 FRAGILE. Why doesn’t anybody understand this? Or is it that nobody cares?

FRÁGIL. ¿Por qué nadie entiende esto? ¿O es simplemente que a nadie le importa?


Rain On a Plastic Tarp Roof…In America?


Today is 288 days since Maria made landfall and 301 days since Irma made landfall on Puerto Rico. AEE reports that 99.90% of the homes and businesses have power. Unfortunately, that still leaves 1,527 customers without power. Disintegrating Tropical Storm Beryl is swinging by on Monday with rains that could damage the already weak infrastructure.



Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello said at a news conference Sunday afternoon that the island could experience power outages when the storm’s remnants passed over on Monday, according to the AP. He also urged people without sturdy roofs to move in with relatives or one of 24 government shelters that have opened. More than 1,500 power customers remain in the dark more than nine months after Maria, and some 60,000 people still have only tarps for roofs.

“I’m praying for all the brothers who are still living under a plastic roof,” said Alfonso Lugo in the southeastern Puerto Rico town of Humacao. “They’re the ones who are suffering the most now. They’re the ones who have been forgotten.”


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Usually on the 4th of July, we are in Manati @ Mar Chiquita, Puerto Rico hangin’ @ the beach.


Today is 286 days since Maria made landfall and 299 days since Irma made landfall on Puerto Rico. AEE finally has published figures on its progress.



This was published on July 5. There are still 1,942 homes and businesses without power. AEE reports that 99.87% of its clients are receiving power.


Usually on the 4th of July, we are in Puerto Rico hangin’ @ the beach.

Almost 2,000 of AEE’s clients have spent 286 days without light.

Casi 2,000 clientes de la AEE llevan 286 días sin luz

Por Agencia EFE07/03/2018 |03:41 p.m.

La corporación pública asegura que ya el 99.9% tiene servicio eléctrico.

El director de Operaciones Técnicas de la Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica (AEE), Carlos Alvarado, informó hoy que casi dos mil clientes -de un total de 1.5 millones- siguen sin tener luz en el País desde el paso del huracán María en septiembre de 2017.

En declaraciones a la emisora de radio WKAQ 580, el directivo de la corporación pública explicó que se trata de 1,942 clientes de la compañía.

Dicha cifra se traduce en que el 99.9 por ciento de los clientes ya tienen electricidad tras el paso del fenómeno atmosférico, aseguró.

Es el caso de Adjuntas, Utuado, Aibonito, Barranquitas, Jayuya, Yabucoa (99 por ciento electrificado) y Humacao (98 por ciento está energizado).

Con este grupo de clientes que aún quedan sin luz, la empresa ha intensificado la comunicación.

Muchos de ellos se encuentran en municipios que ya, sin embargo, disponen de luz.


The public corporation assures that 99.9% already has electric service.

The Director of Technical Operations of the Electric Power Authority (AEE), Carlos Alvarado, reported today that almost two thousand customers – out of a total of 1.5 million – still have no electricity in the country since Hurricane Maria in September 2017 .

Speaking to the radio station WKAQ 580, the public corporation manager explained that there are 1,942 customers of the company.

This figure means that 99.9 percent of customers already have electricity after the passage of weather, he said.

This is the case of Adjuntas, Utuado, Aibonito, Barranquitas, Jayuya, Yabucoa (99 percent electrified) and Humacao (98 percent is energized).

With this group of clients that still lack light, the company has intensified communication.

Many of them are found in municipalities that, however, have light.

La Verdad

Today is 283 days since Maria made landfall and 296 days since Irma made landfall on Puerto Rico. AEE has not published figures as to how many customers are still without power.



This newspaper provided the article that I just posted. Where is the truth in all of this mess? ¿Dónde está la verdad en este revolú?

Sorry, I don’t have time to do a translate and for some reason the article resists cut/paste. The article says that there are still 1,942 people in the most mountainous parts of the island without power. AEE says that it is using specialized equipment and helicopters to continue to reach everyone.

AEE also states that they are at 99.9% percent of the island with power. I certainly hope so! Yo espero que sí.

Well, What Is He Going To Say???


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Today is 282 days since Maria made landfall and 295 days since Irma made landfall on Puerto Rico. AEE has not published figures as to how many customers are still without power. StatusPR has not been updated since June 19th. Hopefully, later today or tomorrow we willl have information.