Ars Poetica


                             for Archibald MacLeish 


it was Greece

so easily

opening my eyes

I want you


climb through my petticoat

white curtains billow

cerulean oceans

somewhere between these

lips petulant vortex

pressed palm of my hand

the love line extends off

infinitely becoming

there is a point


between your breasts

where harmony overcomes

angels fly from my fingertips

gently along the crescent of your sleep

give me your hand

its already too late

our eyes flashed


gave us away

even ordering wine

is impossible without you


come run away with me


all night long

the full moon spoke

words of love

to her little stars


this is a female constellation

Only We Can Share

Once you asked me why I took so many photos of angels. I told you my secret………because I’ll never be one what’s why. But, you’re my angel, you insisted. I’m not your angel, my love. I’m your hell, just as you are mine. No matter how many pictures I take. No matter how many you enshrine on the walls. It’s a beautiful hell, isn’t it? One only we can share.


It has been 151 Days since Hurricane Maria made landfall & 165 Days since Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico.

Table For Two

Feed me from your plate. Let me kiss the tips of your fingers. Slide your bare foot up my leg. Make the waiter nervous. Call for the check, now. I can’t wait.IMG_1022.jpg

Calle Fortaleza

Will Anyone Ever Give Me A Reblog?


this is disarming

a race in a room with no door

an open maze   black lace bra

white cotton panties   all summer

working on the ultimate ponytail

the taste of watermelon and rum

your steady redeeming breath in sleep

night of solstice   morning

of revolution

Hurricane Dreams

100_1901 2.jpg

Hurricane Dreams



this evening as night

surrounds the bay like a familiar

stars describe the sky    luminous

the moon there is a sanctuary

in this dark where time is something

I can hold in my hand

wind takes the curtains

in a graceful gesture

silence sweeps the balcony

as I wait   clouds rush the beach




I am lost to the depth

of my need for you    your hands

the small of my back as we dance

ask anything    call my name

under your breath as you fuck me

hard against the white linen sheets


the fury raging tempest in her eyes

only a small confrontation

in comparison    with the hurricane

to come


there is no balance    no courting

a storm swift approaching

wind rips the palms now left

then right in its confusion


stucco buildings in sun

your smooth voice   your hands

come to me in summer   high

heat    slow arousal of the mind

an open window on the bay

the luxury of a balcony and

champagne at sunset

you in my life    slow

perpetual like roses bloom

in a sheltered garden


if the storm breaks free   if we

survive this length of night

she will disappear with her

cloud filled eyes and seaweed hair

the beach littered

with fragments of the past

dead things we can sweep away

like so much sand

on the blue kitchen tiles

Love Lets Down Her Hair


arc of night

lay me down

whisper the breeze of lips

into my unbound hair

a love letter of kisses

down the curve of my neck

dream of fingertips

tracing the slope of your back

once twice over & over

until there is only now

moonrise soft

perfect spiral of desire

I want this dark to take me

rise up flood my soul

only you only you