Red Dirt Of Home


red dirt of Manati

survives    I plant the flowers

for you, daddy

the red dust on your boots

on the porch tiles

after you brushed out your khakis

there was always some left

in the cuffs of those work pants


today I whisper to your bones

look at your granddaughters

dad, one has your hazel eyes

one your blond hair

our hands stained red

the land you loved

I know you, I understand


we rinse our hands

water running red

splattering manicured toes

wipe dry on our shorts

they clean their hands meticulously

I keep the dirt 

under my nails

just a bit 

of home, of you

it is how 

I survive


Recalling Hurricanes — the curve of longing

Watching the news with its relentless telling of horrors great fish swept up into the swirl creatures swimming in circles their instincts failing in the rising tides. Breath traps in my throat a memory a different day and respite from the taunting winds, the wild, the world we were famished and driven to the shelter […]

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Relic — the curve of longing

for Anjoo If you were still alive I’d grab you by your lush black hair drag you to the cafes of our past recount for you my many conquests, read aloud my poetry, drink red beer until we nearly fall in love. It’s late. We stagger home through streets empty of moon, of birdsong, talk […]

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Minkowski’s Love Poem

Minkowski’s Love Poem

(Einstein’s teacher who suggested space-time in 1908)



how we see ourselves

is an illusion     an avatar

of wishful thinking

reflected in the eyes of our admirers

every gesture practiced

refined    garmenting

the image of a self 

we can never be 


 a part of the logarithm

of our non linear lives

imagine X in terms of Y

in terms of X



we dream 

each other’s daily lives

beyond touch 

separated by oceans

by choices 

shed the bravado

the pride   you

are forgiven   forgive me


i would rip the fabric of the universe

bending the geometry of space time


to kiss you 


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I was lucky enough to attend the Women’s Writer’s Center in Cazenovia, New York with Deborah. She has finally put her work up on her new WordPress site, The Curve Of Longing. Please check out her writing. Please read and follow her blog. There you will find the most emotionally raw, real and heartfelt lyric poetry out there on WordPress. Please give her your time and attention. Thanks, Cindy

One True Thing


One True Thing

tell me one true thing

demanding without fear

without petulance

just one    between us

what is true

escapes the moment

yet I see my words

spelled out a contrail

in the summer sky

one thing in our world

you laugh predictably

touch your fingertips to your ear

as if I’m silent

noon day heat

light breezes toss my words

beyond you sidestep

the contrails fade

my words hang

hotter than any sun

glaring    yes one true thing

don’t whisper I love you

don’t whisper always

forever is not true

so breakable ephemeral

lies spiral up

you want to say

yes but no but

I can’t    you can’t

say anything can you

truth catches in your throat

while all around us

the truth of nature smiles

bite it if you dare

swallow the world entire

you will never hold it

within you    I know

one true thing

you can’t tell me




Alone With Your Numbers Staggering Through My Head


Backstory: Solstice 35 – novel in progress

Graziella is a Literature major who becomes a sucessful writer. Michael is an Economics/Mathematics major that she falls in love with. This is the story of 35 years of their relationship and the poetry she writes about their lives.

Winter Solstice 8

Alone With Your Numbers Staggering Through My Head

a thousand thousand thousand

days have past yet winter

arrives with and without you

shadows of days shorten

nights of stars arc to a fullness

a tipping point where dark slips

before it falls

night of solstice

full moon luck

shimmering snowy hills crystalline

glamouring the foxfire to greenest green

I stoke the fire against the cold

kindling catches then crackles

painting this room golden eloquent

whisper of prayer in Fibonacci sequence

escapes my lips just

because 1 and 1 is always 2

0, 1, 1, 2

how long this night is without you

how the universe seems to bank and pivot

out of my reach

dare I miss you

while you live in a random array of infinite values

continents oceans that divide us

your hypothesis that distance

multipied by time

will close the circle

only you chose to bisect

so this night

solstice     longest of nights

I claim the luck of foxfire in the woods

alone moonlight on the snow

lights me a new path

the full moon whispers to me

binary code 1010111

one step or nothing one

step nothing one step

take another step