First Sight Of The City

For years now, I have owned myself and chose my lovers more for status than conversation. After you, all is impossible of even balancing out. Days pass, summer opens to the wish that I find you on my stoop at 6:30. Two suitcases and roses.


Please realize that in NYC, we have stoops. Up the stairs to your townhouse and the landing in front of the door or the very bottom stair in front of your house is called the stoop in my family, anyway.

My empty hands

how can I make you see me, make you understand what you have taken from me, when I don’t even know why I let you?

Tomorrow is the first day of Atlantic Hurricane season. Are we ready?

Hot Springs


Michael thought he’d been most everywhere in the Caribbean. Still, he had never visited Dominica. His father dismissed it as being unexciting and his mother bemoaned that the hotels did not have even a single star to their credentials. Grazi was crazy about the island.

Every time they visited San Juan, she found a way to hop islands to get to her Dominica. They spent plenty of time in the sulpher springs and visited every mineral bath on the island. As long as they had rum, he was along for the ride.

“This place is volcanic… so its alive.”

“The hardships I endure for love.” Michael replied thinking of his mother’s absurd comment. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for Grazi. She made all the difference, she was enough.

Diving Dominica

the dive 2.jpg

One of their first free dives was in Dominica. Grazi took Michael to Champagne Reef. He laughed as she pull her running shorts on over her bikini and strapped the knife to her waist. She slid in with only her mask and fins.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked from the boat.

“Yea, I’ve been doing this my whole life. We’ll start out shallow and go deeper.”

“I’m going to wear my snorkle so I can take pictures.”

“Ok, one day our kids will be able to see how crazy we were.”

“You mean, how daring you are. I’m the crazy one. I’ll follow you anywhere, even to the depths of the ocean.”

“Oh, come on, it’s not that deep!”

Grazi turned and dove under. As Michael jumped in he thought….this is the only person, the only person in this world who could make me leave my gear and follow her. The only one.


Alone With Your Numbers Staggering Through My Head


Backstory: Solstice 35 – novel in progress

Graziella is a Literature major who becomes a sucessful writer. Michael is an Economics/Mathematics major that she falls in love with. This is the story of 35 years of their relationship and the poetry she writes about their lives.

Winter Solstice 8

Alone With Your Numbers Staggering Through My Head

a thousand thousand thousand

days have past yet winter

arrives with and without you

shadows of days shorten

nights of stars arc to a fullness

a tipping point where dark slips

before it falls

night of solstice

full moon luck

shimmering snowy hills crystalline

glamouring the foxfire to greenest green

I stoke the fire against the cold

kindling catches then crackles

painting this room golden eloquent

whisper of prayer in Fibonacci sequence

escapes my lips just

because 1 and 1 is always 2

0, 1, 1, 2

how long this night is without you

how the universe seems to bank and pivot

out of my reach

dare I miss you

while you live in a random array of infinite values

continents oceans that divide us

your hypothesis that distance

multipied by time

will close the circle

only you chose to bisect

so this night

solstice     longest of nights

I claim the luck of foxfire in the woods

alone moonlight on the snow

lights me a new path

the full moon whispers to me

binary code 1010111

one step or nothing one

step nothing one step

take another step