Are We There Yet? = ¿Ya Llegamos?


The AEE reports 99.70% of the homes and businesses throughout the island have power. Today is 269 days since Maria made landfall and 282 days since Irma made landfall on Puerto Rico. There are still 4,346 customers without power.DgDHPbXVQAA-TXX.jpg


One True Thing


One True Thing

tell me one true thing

demanding without fear

without petulance

just one    between us

what is true

escapes the moment

yet I see my words

spelled out a contrail

in the summer sky

one thing in our world

you laugh predictably

touch your fingertips to your ear

as if I’m silent

noon day heat

light breezes toss my words

beyond you sidestep

the contrails fade

my words hang

hotter than any sun

glaring    yes one true thing

don’t whisper I love you

don’t whisper always

forever is not true

so breakable ephemeral

lies spiral up

you want to say

yes but no but

I can’t    you can’t

say anything can you

truth catches in your throat

while all around us

the truth of nature smiles

bite it if you dare

swallow the world entire

you will never hold it

within you    I know

one true thing

you can’t tell me




First Sight Of The City

For years now, I have owned myself and chose my lovers more for status than conversation. After you, all is impossible of even balancing out. Days pass, summer opens to the wish that I find you on my stoop at 6:30. Two suitcases and roses.


Please realize that in NYC, we have stoops. Up the stairs to your townhouse and the landing in front of the door or the very bottom stair in front of your house is called the stoop in my family, anyway.