Arc Of Sun Captured


Here is one of my favorite angels. She watches over her family with such patience and a sense of calm. Today the sun looked down and burst with joy.


Red Dirt Of Home


red dirt of Manati

survives    I plant the flowers

for you, daddy

the red dust on your boots

on the porch tiles

after you brushed out your khakis

there was always some left

in the cuffs of those work pants


today I whisper to your bones

look at your granddaughters

dad, one has your hazel eyes

one your blond hair

our hands stained red

the land you loved

I know you, I understand


we rinse our hands

water running red

splattering manicured toes

wipe dry on our shorts

they clean their hands meticulously

I keep the dirt 

under my nails

just a bit 

of home, of you

it is how 

I survive

Sept. 20th Hurricane Maria

Tomorrow will mark the one year anniversary of Hurricane Maria. Hurricane Irma began the devestation on September 6th. Sorry, I didn’t mark that anniversary. I’m still waiting to return to my island. My family and I will finally return on Thanksgiving. Until then, I’m counting the days.

Mañana será el primer aniversario del Huracán María. El huracán Irma comenzó la devetación el 6 de septiembre. Lo siento, no marqué ese aniversario. Todavía estoy esperando regresar a mi isla. Mi familia y yo finalmente regresaremos en Acción de Gracias. Hasta entonces, estoy contando los días.


Fuente De Los Raices, Paseo De La Princesa Viejo San Juan (July 2017)

One Year Anniversary Of Maria September 20th.

A month after Hurricane María, I met Angel St. Kitts in Humacao. He showed me his damaged home, and said, “It’s like it was yesterday.” Over the last 12 months in Puerto Rico, what’s changed? What hasn’t? One year later, his story…

PLEASE WATCH Puerto Then and Now

Somebody tweeted ” what road did you take to get to Puerto Rico?” I couldn’t resist so I replied… she took the long road. How else do you get home?