Ali & I Are Ready To Party


IMG_7FE72F196DE8-1.jpegHave A Happy Happy New Year!

Love you all. Thanks for making

this the best year of my blog ever!

See you in 2019. Cindy

¡Que tengas un muy feliz año nuevo!

Los amo a todos. Gracias por hacer

¡Este es el mejor año de mi blog!

Nos vemos en 2019. Cindy

Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!


¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Encuéntrenos en Paseo Caribe para dar la bienvenida al nuevo año con estilo. ¡Vamos a bailar!

Meet us at Paseo Caribe to welcome the new year in style. Let’s dance!

Catedral De San Juan Bautista en Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico


The cathedral is currently being repainted and renovated. The ceiling is actually quite white now, but a trick of sunlight and some minor enhancing found this blush pink hiding within the spectrum of light that entered from the windows above.

La catedral está actualmente siendo pintada y renovada. El techo es en realidad bastante blanco ahora, pero un truco de luz solar y algunas mejoras menores encontraron este rubor rosado escondido dentro del espectro de luz que entraba por las ventanas de arriba.

In Case You’re Wondering… There’s Still Blue Tarp Roofs In San Juan


Things are much improved, but there’s still too much blue. You know what I’m talking about…..

Viejo San Juan & Driving To Manati…Contrast


I thought I would feel a sense of overwhelming joy as things return to normal. I know nature renews itself. Tourists are back in the city. Business is totally picking up. Many people, just like me were finally getting home. The city has a fresh coat of paint and shines brighter than ever.


But, as you can see on my way home to Manati, not everything is tourist perfect. This is what tourists never see. There were images I could not even bring myself to photograph. My daughter took some of those pics for me…. some I don’t need a photo. I memorized them.


I don’t want to be negative, just REAL.

Arc Of Sun Captured


Here is one of my favorite angels. She watches over her family with such patience and a sense of calm. Today the sun looked down and burst with joy.

How Much Protection Can A Blue Tarp Roof Provide?