What’s up in Puerto Rico now!


Viejo San Juan & Driving To Manati…Contrast


I thought I would feel a sense of overwhelming joy as things return to normal. I know nature renews itself. Tourists are back in the city. Business is totally picking up. Many people, just like me were finally getting home. The city has a fresh coat of paint and shines brighter than ever.


But, as you can see on my way home to Manati, not everything is tourist perfect. This is what tourists never see. There were images I could not even bring myself to photograph. My daughter took some of those pics for me…. some I don’t need a photo. I memorized them.


I don’t want to be negative, just REAL.

Rainbow…Arco Iris


I just love to play with the light.

So many people coming home. Boricuas bringing our families to understand our island, to really know deep down why we call Puerto Rico….. mi alma. (my soul)

A Secret View

Una Vista Secreta


As my daughter Ali and I walked through Santa Maria Magdalena De Pazzis, inspecting our favorite tumbas/tombs for damage from last year’s 2 hurricanes, (Yes!!!! I finally made it home for Thanksgiving), she noticed this view from the caretaker’s building.

Mientras mi hija Ali y yo caminábamos por Santa María Magdalena De Pazzis, inspeccionando nuestras tumbas / tumbas favoritas en busca de daños causados ​​por los 2 huracanes del año pasado, (¡Sí! Finalmente llegué a casa para el Día de Acción de Gracias), se dio cuenta de esta vista desde el edificio del cuidador.

Arc Of Sun Captured


Here is one of my favorite angels. She watches over her family with such patience and a sense of calm. Today the sun looked down and burst with joy.

My empty hands

how can I make you see me, make you understand what you have taken from me, when I don’t even know why I let you?

Tomorrow is the first day of Atlantic Hurricane season. Are we ready?