Things Fall Apart # 2



USS Arizona Monument



Breaching Banzai Beach

Child XX1 runs toward the beach

Stopped only by the saltbush and sea grape

Edging the sand, not my plea

Barefoot she hops the border

Toes hovering in a Robertson-Walker metric

As the Pacific Ocean curves forever outward

Expanding beckoning

The equation is time dependent on now

And forever cannot be quantified

My heart has no zero

Understand that a mother is a cosmological constant

Always running behind child XX1

As she dances perfect spirals

Ripping her feet to shreds

On the reef lying just below the surf

Blood comoving into the primordial ocean

We struggle against free fall

Unable to neglect quantum effects

Bang big kinetic as mother reaches child

Collision in a personal spacetime

Remember the heart abides

By no laws of the observable universe