my hands tremble 


afternoon light teases the oregano


in the kitchen window  


something survives here anyway


as I disintegrate with random entropy


my fault my fault my


fault lines shift silent tears


run down her cheeks eyes hard


my fault my fault my child


core of my being shivering


begging to fall into a black hole


in her pajamas my baby my life


creation of my XX, your flawed XY


on the edge of our familial singularity


no logarithm can save us from 


this spiral no blessing no 


prayer of Fibonacci numbers


chanted in sacred precision


null set sunshine nothing no


thing left but cuban oregano


claiming the light 


In this white white house

on the edge of the Atlantic

a voice runs along my skin

trembling at the texture

of a woman you waited

ten years to touch

 slow samba of the heart

as you sleep dream

of your life on this

bright side of ocean

 inevitable calm

surrounds you, I come

out of the wind moist

with ocean in my hair

to find you to lay

my head in your lap

the heat of your hand

on my face

stars in the mist

on the shore moonlight

barefoot on the terrace

the soft of this moment

of this all


swirls around us

you asleep in a blue chair

and I whispering to the moon



your touch electrocutes me

breathless and mortal with desire

exploding down my spine

heart   arrested by your gesture

toward me   you move

in white silence

adagio of light   luminous

fugue of my passion, reflected

in your eyes

there was a time

when only music could move me

to a place beyond simple fascination

passion   translucent


something smug

in the figure of my smile

no, only when you’re in the room

December 2012

this is such a place of wanting

of lips that trace your spine

relentless desire pressed to the dark

as the veiled earth rises to her lover sky

you loved me, like a miracle

something like breath held

lost to the depth of me, your hands

like Mozart engulf

the flutter of leaves, your eyes

holding me like more than hands


the exercise of being taken

over to the core

tiny bells in wind the bay

at midnight your hands sure

my heart in your eyes


an epiphany of piano is too simple

to trace your outline

on my body your scent

sheets, towels, the daily

waking at the sound of your name

driven over the dunes

Tropical Ghazal

imagine i kiss you with empty hands,

while a possible horizon meets the sea.

moments beyond touch, the elements suffuse,

entwine and are lost in each other.

if the sun, then i might,

lush tropicals press the wind wanting you.

slowly rocked by the nature of the sea,

i dream of you coming to me at night.

one line spells itself across the horizon,

push, push into the sea of me.

Night Shore

I want to believe only

geography separates us

that missing you

will bring results

seascapes   nightscapes

mementos of light

rushing into black

night arcs full

this dream ages me

futile as an impulse

torn against the keening wind

tiny mirrors of sound

and the helix

in the palm of your hand

turning prismatic

we dream of moons

full amber light

and sky

core of opal


what is overlooked

passion before

thought   an afterthought

how lovely you are

would a kiss mean the same


I dream you dream

of me at night, my love

mountains call your name

misty to the dawning

elegant sweep of light

your every gesture

the beginning

beginning over

as if these could break

the spell cast

without need of thunder