Minkowski’s Love Poem

know I would rip the fabric of the universe bend the geometry of space time

how we see ourselves

is an illusion     an avatar

of wishful thinking

reflected in the eyes of our admirers

every gesture practiced

refined    garmenting

the image of a self

we can never be


a part of the logarithim

of our non linear lives

imagine X in terms of Y

in terms of X



we dream

each other’s daily lives

beyond touch

seperated by oceans

by choices

shed the bravado

the pride   you

are forgiven   forgive me


I would rip the fabric of the universe

bend the geometry of space time

just to kiss you



distance wavers then opens like eyes


in the green green
of July you drive
curves among the hills
each twist intimately your's
in the twilight
this is a journey of longing
to touch the past once more
and still leap forward
blindly into the arms of a lover
you dream lifts you
above this ancient ground
as night slips along the horizon
you whisper her name
touching your fingers to your lips
in a familiar gesture
you believe she calls your name
in this way each night
at the ocean
distance wavers then opens
like eyes


you will touch each place
each memory in a country
you will never return to alone
the breath of your childhood
pulsing in your ears
as you step tentatively
beyond this moment
small goodbyes tug at you
as you excuse yourself
in a present tense
for all the entwined unbearable
histories days years spent
and now lost
you remind yourself
of necessity this impulse
toward a dream of a woman
who refuses to allow distance
the synchronicity of hearts
along an expanse of time
she calls to you on the tide
as you turn to leave
you also begin to come home