And There Are Still 22,000 Customers WITHOUT POWER!


Today is Day 231 since Hurricane Maria made landfall and Day 244 since Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico. AEE reports 98.50% of its customers/subscribers currently have power.


Don’t forget that June 1st, the beginning of Hurricane Season is only 21 days away!


Don’t Drive in Bayamón


Bayamón restablece en su totalidad servicio eléctrico……Pero (BUT)

Ramón Luis Rivera Cruz, alcalde de Bayamón.

El alcalde también comunicó que toda la ciudad cuenta con servicio de agua potable, y que el 41% de los semáforos no opera.

The mayor also communicated that the city has drinkable water and only 41% of the stoplights are working….WHAT??????????????????


Highway 2, or the Old Road, as some people call it, is my mother’s favorite way to Manati. It runs straight through Bayamón and is full of stoplights. OOPS!

La Carretera 2, o el Camino Viejo, como lo llaman algunas personas, es el camino favorito de mi madre hacia Manatí. Corre directamente a través de Bayamón y está lleno de semáforos. ¡OOPS!



Can We Make It In Time?

El alcalde de Bayamón, Ramón Luis Rivera, informó que se restauró en 100% la red del servicio energético el cual se vio afectado tras el azote del huracán María, evento atmosférico que provocó que el ayuntamiento se comiera todos sus ahorros.

The mayor of Bayamón, Ramón Luis Rivera, reported that the energy service network was restored in 100%, which was affected after Hurricane María struck, an atmospheric event that caused the municipality to eat up all its savings.

Today is Day 230 since Hurricane Maria made landfall and Day 243 since Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico. AEE reports 98.47% of its customers/subscribers currently have power. That still leaves 22,562 homes without power in their homes after 8 months…. the number equal to 150 small cities town and municipalities as recorded by the 2010 US census.


What Will Happen When The Army Coprps Of Engineers Leave Puerto Rico?

USACE contractors in will continue working on the transmission and distribution lines in the areas of Arecibo, Bayamon, Ponce and Caguas until May 18, 2018, when USACE mission assignment from ends. (1/5)

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¿Y qué pasará cuando se vayan? And what will happen when they leave? (this is my reply)

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So what happens on May 19th when contract ends in ?

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Barrio Almirante Sur, Sector murciélago & La Pica in Vega Baja are still without power and have been without power since Irma. It is 8 months now.

Ironically, we are all asking the same question and here is the rest of their tweeted 5 part answer:

The Unified Command Group (comprised of , USACE, PREPA/       and the restoration coordinator) continues to do all the deliberate planning for a proper transition and to ensure that there are no gaps. (2/5)

This includes establishing a transitional Incident Management Team from industry and train PREPA’s IMT to assume command and to lead the effort to complete a plan for the final less than 2% of customers still needing to be energized. (3/5)

The Unified Command Group is continually evaluating the remaining work in order to achieve the goals of restoring electricity until the mission is complete. (4/5)

USACE will maintain a contingent of personnel in the island for a few weeks following May 18 as we transfer logistic operations back to FEMA and PREPA and to oversee the demobilization of contractors supporting the mission. (5/5)

What does this actually mean? Probably, we are not going to do very much, but we will be happy to put out another 5 part tweet!

¿Qué significa esto realmente? Probablemente, no vamos a hacer mucho, ¡pero estaremos encantados de publicar otro tweet de 5 partes!

There are now only 22 days until Hurricane Season begins again.

Ahora solo quedan 22 días hasta que la temporada de huracanes comience nuevamente.

Irises Again – Geometry In Nature

One of the best things about my job as a swim instructor/coach is the beautiful landscaping around our facility. On my way in the door, I’m greeted by live flowers every day. IMG_3652 2.jpgThis iris is so delicate like a white & purple butterfly delighting in its otherworldly ruffled wings. The white is absolute and the purple starts as speckles and culminates in a full explosion of color at the curling edges. The very central three petals form a purple & white triangle radiating out & each petal has a central white streak within the purple radiating inward to a precise centerpoint. These irises seem to be a series of repeating triangles lain crisscross upon each other. Each ruffle appears to be part of the curve of a perfect spiral. (Words cannot to it justice!) Everyday new ones are transforming from tight bud & unfolding themselves to the sun. Then, they just sway in the spring breeze for us to enjoy.

Dear Lorraine, @blindzanygirl, I am writing this description for you, because you care!

Continuing To Work Toward 100%


Please note that there are 23 days until hurricane season returns to the Atlantic.


Today is Day 229 since Hurricane Maria made landfall and Day 242 since Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico. AEE reports 98.44% of its customers/subscribers currently have power.

Yes, only about 23,000 people are still without power. That sounds so good and yet so bad at the same time. There are towns in mainland America that have less than 23,000 inhabitants. The actual number is 22,930 without power. So I did a very Michael Moore thing and accessed the census to check on populations. There are similar sized populations starting with Mauldin City, South Carolina with a population of  22,889 in 2010 and ending with Mililani Mauka CDP, Hawai’i with a population of 21.039 in 2010. Therefore, there are 150 cities, towns and municipalities that if they were located in Puerto Rico today any one of them could be experiencing a total blackout. We would not stand for that here in small town America, yet it is STILL ok for this number of people to be without electricity in their homes for 8 months. What is wrong with this picture. I’m sure readers find me a bit pedantic, but this is my home that I’m talking about. You would feel the same way if your home was effected.

Sí, solo unas 23,000 personas aún no tienen luz. Eso suena muy bien y al mismo tiempo tan malo. Hay ciudades en la América continental que tienen menos de 23,000 habitantes. El número real es 22,930 sin luz. Así que hice algo como a Michael Moore y accedí al censo para verificar las poblaciones.  Hay poblaciones de tamaño similar comenzando con Mauldin City, Carolina del Sur con una población de 22,889 en 2010 y terminando con Mililani Mauka CDP, Hawai’i con una población de 21,039 en 2010. Por lo tanto, hay 150 ciudades, pueblos y municipios que si se ubicaran hoy en Puerto Rico cualquiera de ellos podría estar experimentando un apagón total. No defenderíamos eso aquí en las pequeña ciudades de los Estados Unidos, pero TODAVÍA está bien que esta cantidad de personas permanezca sin electricidad en sus hogares durante 8 meses. ¿Qué está mal con esta imagen? Estoy seguro de que los lectores me encuentran un poco pedante, pero este es mi isla de que estoy hablando. Te sentirías de la misma manera si su casa se viera afectada.

Freedom of Speech and Assembly???? Without Pepper Spray…… Right????

Is this how we treat the first amendment?

Yes, this is going on too in Puerto Rico when American citizens assemble to voice their opinion on the major issues such as statehood, education, water, electricity, corruption in government, you just name it. That is most certainly an up front and person introduction to pepper spray.

¿Es así como tratamos la primera enmienda?

Sí, esto también está sucediendo en Puerto Rico cuando los ciudadanos estadounidenses se reúnen para expresar su opinión sobre los principales problemas como la estadidad, la educación, el agua, la electricidad, la corrupción en el gobierno, simplemente lo nombran. Eso sin duda es una introducción y una persona al spray de pimienta.


PRPD response to rallies oppressive & excessive. They attempt to pit us against each other. To have us doubt our capacity to survive & thrive. But I believe in the power of our spirit. Seguimos mi gente. Siempre pa’lante. (from twitter)