Love Lets Down Her Hair


arc of night

lay me down

whisper the breeze of lips

into my unbound hair

a love letter of kisses

down the curve of my neck

dream of fingertips

tracing the slope of your back

once twice over & over

until there is only now

moonrise soft

perfect spiral of desire

I want this dark to take me

rise up flood my soul

only you only you







we have gotten beyond all that

shadows in the new moon

forsythia, lilac, wisteria, red bud,

dogwood and azalea in May

sun in equinox too soon

tulips, this is a letter

a plea to the spring sight of you

London in May, July in Syracuse

I am so hungry for the past

filled with lovers

at least then I had my pick

to bite the full throat of you

to sleep in your arms

to lay my hair across your face

to claim you simply

as one bends and picks a flower

red hibiscus in wind

my hands trembling

Racing The Thames

and you will become like unto God, expanding forever outward.

Catherynne M. Valente

young and

drunk on the idea

we are stardust

this moment

would last forever

looping over and over

always and ever more

spiraling twist of a Mobius

ad infinitum

to escape relativity by

refusing to travel @ a constant

rate of speed    as we run

laughing breaths into mist

words into crystals we make

ourselves immortal

Little Poem Of Love

sheer morning in the dunes

flutes in the wind

play a sequence of notes

across the horizon

the ocean constant

the ocean ever changing

cathedral of song

my heart

a strange divinity


opaque night of the full moon

imagine your hands

surrounded by voices

gliding shivering the seagrass

holy its inclination

 silence within the circle

little frogs on the windowsill

i have a sense of loosing

myself to hold you


bells in the wind

flare and dissolve

empty rooms and

shadows on the walk

my garden green and astonishing

the patience of a clock

hours withheld

those given with an open hand

conjunction of ocean and prayer

Winter Solstice

you red shifting bastard

how did we get here

how did I allow you

me    the two of us

to spit into this vortex

as if seduction were not enough

we parse ourselves too ungenerous to give

unaccustomed to receive

my need for the curve of you to call home

my need for your words of love

nothing but contrails and the full moon rises


the if onlys crushed after the frost

every leaf will crumble

every rose will crumble at your touch

winter solstice will come alone

and that will be the best of  it

a long time ago my lover and I

hiked through the snow for foxfire


solstice again     first light

at last

if I said I have lived more lives than you

it would be true

if I said you have fucked more women than me

it would be true

if I said I wanted you to love me

beyond the bounds of reason

because I am alone

it would be true

not enough

even skating the razor of proof

mistletoe is a parasite     you know

we find it when the trees lose their leaves

it’s true nature revealed

I cannot say     but shit we fucked like electrons

in a supercollider

orgasms spilling quarks to the universe

apparently that was not enough

for you

Ars Poetica


it was Greece

so easily

opening my eyes

I want you


climb through my petticoat

white curtains billow

cerulean oceans

somewhere between these

lips petulant vortex

pressed palm of my hand

the love line extends off

infinitely becoming

there is a point


between your breasts

where harmony overcomes

angels fly from my fingertips

gently along the crescent of your sleep

give me your hand

its already too late

our eyes flashed


gave us away

even ordering wine

is impossible without you


come run away with me


all night long

the full moon spoke

words of love

to her little stars


this is a female constellation