Getting Closer to 100%

Se asignaron brigadas procedentes de la región de Carolina para reforzar los trabajos de energización, en Yabucoa, indicó la AEE.Brigades from the Carolina region were assigned to reinforce the energization work in Yabucoa, the PREPA said.

La Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica (AEE) informó que un 98.7 por ciento de un total de 1.5 millones de clientes cuentan con electricidad en toda la isla, de éstos, el 1.28 por ciento (18,866 clientes) están sin servicio eléctrico, a la vez que anunció que ha contratado a 65 inspectores para agilizar los trabajos en lugares sin luz y se espera contratar a tres compañías.

The agency said there are 18,866 customers left without service. The Electric Power Authority (AEE) reported that 98.7 percent of a total of 1.5 million customers have electricity throughout the island, of these, 1.28 percent (18,866 customers) are without electric service, while at the same time announced that it has hired 65 inspectors to speed up work in places without electricity and is expected to hire three companies.



Today is Day 235 since Hurricane Maria made landfall and Day 248 since Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico. AEE reports 98.72% of its customers/subscribers currently have power.

There are now 16 days until Hurricane Season begins on June 1.

And There Are Still 22,000 Customers WITHOUT POWER!


Today is Day 231 since Hurricane Maria made landfall and Day 244 since Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico. AEE reports 98.50% of its customers/subscribers currently have power.


Don’t forget that June 1st, the beginning of Hurricane Season is only 21 days away!

What Will Happen When The Army Coprps Of Engineers Leave Puerto Rico?

USACE contractors in will continue working on the transmission and distribution lines in the areas of Arecibo, Bayamon, Ponce and Caguas until May 18, 2018, when USACE mission assignment from ends. (1/5)

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¿Y qué pasará cuando se vayan? And what will happen when they leave? (this is my reply)

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So what happens on May 19th when contract ends in ?

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Barrio Almirante Sur, Sector murciélago & La Pica in Vega Baja are still without power and have been without power since Irma. It is 8 months now.

Ironically, we are all asking the same question and here is the rest of their tweeted 5 part answer:

The Unified Command Group (comprised of , USACE, PREPA/       and the restoration coordinator) continues to do all the deliberate planning for a proper transition and to ensure that there are no gaps. (2/5)

This includes establishing a transitional Incident Management Team from industry and train PREPA’s IMT to assume command and to lead the effort to complete a plan for the final less than 2% of customers still needing to be energized. (3/5)

The Unified Command Group is continually evaluating the remaining work in order to achieve the goals of restoring electricity until the mission is complete. (4/5)

USACE will maintain a contingent of personnel in the island for a few weeks following May 18 as we transfer logistic operations back to FEMA and PREPA and to oversee the demobilization of contractors supporting the mission. (5/5)

What does this actually mean? Probably, we are not going to do very much, but we will be happy to put out another 5 part tweet!

¿Qué significa esto realmente? Probablemente, no vamos a hacer mucho, ¡pero estaremos encantados de publicar otro tweet de 5 partes!

There are now only 22 days until Hurricane Season begins again.

Ahora solo quedan 22 días hasta que la temporada de huracanes comience nuevamente.