Sian Ka’an Biosphere


Tulum, Mexico

Sian Ka’an is one of the most breathtaking places on earth. I felt more peace there than anyplace I’ve ever been.

Skim Swimmer’s Lotion Bars


Cocoa, St. John’s Wort & Plain (just healing frankincense) Lotion Bars. Skim Bars. Just rub them along your body before you swim and they form a great barrier against the chemicals in the water. These are all plant based butters and essential oils and made with love. They will be on available on Etsy later today. JaiH2o is the name of my store.

Jai H20 Handmade Soap & Lotion Bars


As a swim instructor and coach, my skin has suffered over the years. The pool smell never goes away. Neither does the dry and itchy skin.  SO………

All this time that I was off line, I have been developing a line of soaps and lotion bars (yes, bars of lotion) that not only cleanse and refresh the skin but, get rid of that chlorine perfume scent.

All products are organic, handmade, and use healing essential oils to create a barrier between you and the chemicals in the water.

Where did I get that name???? I just completed Yoga certification and at the end of every class we yelled JAI! Jai and Jai Ho translate from Hindi to mean BE VICTORIOUS! This is our victory over swimmer smell and dry, itchy swimmer skin.

More info to come! On my way to the pool……..