Lie To Me # 2

I am lost to the depth of my need for you. Lie to me, go ahead. We have already torn ourselves so far from the truth. Lie to me so that I can lie to you.IMG_5757.jpg

So Easy To Turn

Why was it so easy to turn your back? To walk away like the past would disappear, if you wished it hard enough? You never considered me, still standing there. My life turning to dust in my hands. The polvo del campo, you so easily kicked off your shoes. You forget, amorcito, the red dust of my father’s finca is in me.IMG_1998.jpg

The Elegance Of Things

I wish I could say that my mind is empty. It isn’t. Instead, its filled with a piercing constant ringing of thousands of small bells and a cacophony of vibrations. I think of a Philip Glass Symphony of sounds pitched invisible. Maybe a multitude of dogs whistles simultaneously blown.


So, why can’t I make any sense of anything? Of me or you? Past, future, present, loop ad infinitum. Why did we argue about nothing again? Remember how we used to believe in love? Once having each other was enough. Now, it’s nothing. Null set. You believe in the elegance of numbers. I believe in the elegance of words. We have lost our intersection.

All They Could Salvage

A whole life lived and this is all that was left after the storm. They picked up the pieces and moved on.IMG_3400

This is Day 172 since Hurricane Maria made landfall and Day 185 since Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico. Let us remain in hope for the treasures that abide.

Call Me A Bitch But,

why are we down to 83.60% electricity generation according to Status PR? Are we going to have to split the space time continuum to arrive in the 21st century?


Today marks 162 Days since Hurricane Maria made landfall & 176 Days since Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico.

Monument Valley – The Descent

She and the girls crushed Monument Valley. They played together on the plane on the way. Her favorite was Chapter IX – The Descent….. in which….. there is nobody left to forgive us.

Ida encounters a ghost on her journey who tells her of their tragedy…….

Long ages lie heavy on old bones in these burried halls. Sacred geometry was our pride, our downfall. But forever will our monuments stand in this valley. IMG_0415.jpg

Even the Lilies….

You brought me the lilies out of love. How could I tell you they made me sad. So beautiful. They’re perennials, you reminded. I know, I whispered. I know. Your lilies bloom for me every year. They taunt me in your absence. They smell of nothing. They smell of death.IMG_0421.jpg