We Dream


we dream

each other’s daily lives

beyond touch

separated by oceans

by choices

shed the bravado

the pride   you

are forgiven   forgive me


i would rip the fabric of the universe

bending the geometry of space time

to kiss you


Space Time Sestina


Space Time Sestina


Only 1 of us is traveling @ a constant rate of speed

Sweetheart, you said, stardust, we are only stellar matter

Left spiraling inward to create our own radiating accretion disk

Saying I love you is a forbidden nonlinear algorithm

Still you pull me toward your infinite density

& I willingly fall into your event horizon



There is no return from an event horizon

I know this, as I glide @ a constant rate of speed

Toward the heart of your infinite density

Finding pieces of myself scattered among stellar matter

The need to be loved calculated by a nonlinear algorithm

Equals even more than the radius of our ever expanding accretion disk



Our impulses acquiesce into a fervent accretion disk

The point of no return, this event horizon

Defined by the square of longing’s nonlinear algorithm

Only I am light moving @ a constant rate of speed

Spinning myself into a spiral of stellar matter

Until I am overcome by your infinite density



As I fall into your black hole, where infinite density

Lies at its heart, gravity, this left spiraling accretion disk

Of love, desire, satiation, denial & floating stellar matter

Inevitably, knowingly I rush the event horizon

My need to live with you @ a constant rate of speed

Overwhelms dissonant variables in our nonlinear logarithm



Our coefficients only aggravate the nonlinear logarithm

Yes, our fucking never failed to achieve infinite density

We orbit each other like Sun & Moon @ a constant rate of speed

Only to trip into our orgasmic accretion disk

Falling into the doom of the event horizon

We created during the fusion of our stellar matter



Returns us to our separate star dust, my stellar matter

Cannot fit into an equation for a nonlinear logarithm

Must I remain at this event horizon

Or be swallowed unwittingly by your infinite density

Just let me skate on my galactic accretion disk

If I promise to never accelerate @ a constant rate of speed



I am simply gold and star dust, stellar matter seeking to achieve infinite density of the heart

Our variables cannot solve this nonlinear logarithm’s enigmatic accretion disk of desire

Or explain the edge of love’s event horizon, we can never escape @ any constant rate of speed

Gotta Have A Penthouse


I come

out of the wind moist

with ocean in my hair

to find you to lay

my head in your lap

the heat of your hand

on my face

stars in the mist


barefoot on the terrace

Count Up: 133 Days after Hurricane Maria Made Landfall & 147 Days after Hurricane Irma Made Landfall in Puerto Rico.

Little Poem of Love

sheer morning in the dunes

flutes in the wind

play a sequence of notes

across the horizon

the ocean constant

the ocean ever changing

cathedral of song

my heart

a strange divinity


opaque night of the full moon

imagine your hands

surrounded by voices

gliding shivering the seagrass

holy its inclination

silence within the circle

coquí on the windowsill

i have a sense of loosing

myself to hold you


bells in the wind

flare and dissolve

empty rooms and

shadows on the walk

my garden green and astonishing

the patience of a clock

hours withheld

those given with an open hand

conjunction of ocean and prayer

Tropical Ghazal


Tropical Ghazal

imagine i kiss you with empty hands,

while a possible horizon meets the sea.

moments beyond touch, the elements suffuse,

entwine and are lost in each other.

if the sun, then i might,

lush tropicals press the wind wanting you.

slowly rocked by the nature of the sea,

i dream of you coming to me at night.

one line spells itself across the horizon,

push, push into the sea of me.