Only the insistant pounding of the ocean carved this path. I said, trust me, and extended my hand to you. Subimos pa’ ya. (we’re going up there). You followed step by step up the exposed reef. It’s ancient here. An edge. I so love the edges of things. To stand at the opening, relentless, fearless, knowing here is the world. Then I gave it all to you.


Today is Day 189 since Hurricane Maria made landfall and Day 202 since Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico. StatusPR reports that electric generation remains at 90.10% for its subscribers.


Gotta Have A Penthouse


I come

out of the wind moist

with ocean in my hair

to find you to lay

my head in your lap

the heat of your hand

on my face

stars in the mist


barefoot on the terrace

Stopping For A Kiss On The Edge Of The Ocean


I need you, I want you, I blame you for every mistake, every poor choice. You surround me, inescapably. Even if I wanted to, I can’t. We wrote memories beneath our skin, you and I. By choice. I can live every day with you in my bed or survive every night with you in my heart alone.

Ars Poetica


it was Greece

so easily

opening my eyes

I want you


climb through my petticoat

white curtains billow

cerulean oceans

somewhere between these

lips petulant vortex

pressed palm of my hand

the love line extends off

infinitely becoming

there is a point


between your breasts

where harmony overcomes

angels fly from my fingertips

gently along the crescent of your sleep

give me your hand

its already too late

our eyes flashed


gave us away

even ordering wine

is impossible without you


come run away with me


all night long

the full moon spoke

words of love

to her little stars


this is a female constellation