Loggia Dei Lanzi Florence, Italy


Giambologna’s Rape of the Sabines is also found in the Loggia. The detail in the musculature of the bodies is profound. Even the hands and feet are perfection.


Piazza Della Signorina


The Loggia dei Lanzi, functions as an open-air sculpture gallery. It was designed by Orcagna in 1376. Perseus holding Medusa’s head, by Benvenuto Cellini (1554)

Catedral De San Juan Bautista en Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico


The cathedral is currently being repainted and renovated. The ceiling is actually quite white now, but a trick of sunlight and some minor enhancing found this blush pink hiding within the spectrum of light that entered from the windows above.

La catedral está actualmente siendo pintada y renovada. El techo es en realidad bastante blanco ahora, pero un truco de luz solar y algunas mejoras menores encontraron este rubor rosado escondido dentro del espectro de luz que entraba por las ventanas de arriba.

In Case You’re Wondering… There’s Still Blue Tarp Roofs In San Juan


Things are much improved, but there’s still too much blue. You know what I’m talking about…..