Married At First Sight Westerosi Style!

How to utilize details from Game of Thrones  and psuedo “reality TV”  to facilitate writing.

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Married At First Sight Westerosi Style



Wedding Jitters  Part 1

When the Maiden Cloak and the other items arrived, Sansa realized this was really happening. Tomorrow. She would be getting married tomorrow. Much to her surprise, the cloak didn’t have a huge direwolf embroidered on the back. Instead, the fabric was a subtle brocade of greys, silver, and white featuring direwolves sprinkled within an Art Nouveau flower pattern that complimented the lace on Sansa’s wedding gown. Thankfully, her mother had been persuaded that since it was so warm in Kings Landing, no fur trim was necessary.

Also, in the package from Winterfell were her gifts for her unknown groom. According to the show, the bride was supposed to give her groom a gift that expressed her expectations for the future of their marriage. A symbol of her hopes and dreams. Her mom had insisted that the family would be adding a gift as well.  Her parents had selected a pair of white gold direwolf cuff links with bright diamond eyes. Every Stark man had a pair. This was their way of welcoming her new husband into the fold by gifting him with the sigil of House Stark. Seems more like a warning than a gift. What if he has his own sigil? What if he doesn’t use cuff links? I hope he likes my present. Sansa’s special gift was an ancient manuscript illustration of a Lord of Winterfell sitting in the Godswood cleaning his longsword in front of the Weirwood tree. It was her favorite. That was how she saw her Prince Charming. She hoped to hang it in her new home, wherever that might be.


“Aunt Dany is going to make me crazy with her micromanaging everything.” Jon confided to Davos while sitting in his office. “I had to sneak down here to you just to get some time to think.”

“You must remember, love can cloud judgement. She thinks she’s doing the right thing.”

“She always thinks she’s doing the right thing. Do you realize she called the producers to find out some particulars about the woman I’m about to marry? She said that I needed to buy the right gift for her.”

“You feel like she’s taking your choice away, don’t you? I know she thought she was helping you to make the best impression.”

“I’m supposed to give her a gift that expresses my expectations for the future of our marriage. I haven’t even had a chance to think about it.”

“Maybe the information would help then.”

“I doubt it. They refused to tell her anything significant. All she found out was that she loves yellow and loves lemons.”

“At least she’s consistent. Color wise, I mean. So something yellow and something lemon.”

“When I went to buy the wedding rings at Tiffany’s…..”

“At your Aunt’s suggestion. I’m surprised she didn’t go with you.”

“Jorah wouldn’t let her. He told her she was driving him crazy.”

“Go on, what did you see at Tiffany’s?”

“I saw these keys with yellow diamonds and I thought that I should give her the key to my heart.”

“Now that sounds like you. So what about the lemons?”

“Got that covered. You’re going to laugh.”

“No, I have faith in you.”

“I figured that since my apartment has a huge terrace, I’m going to buy her a lemon tree. Then, when we buy a house, we can plant it.”

“That’s right. I like the way you’re thinking.”

“So I decided that I’ll hang the Tiffany bag on one of the tree limbs. Since the gift is supposed to be delivered before the wedding I’ll write her a note asking her to wear the key, so I’ll know which girl to marry.”


Engaging Young Writers

It is so important to utilize visual media to bring our students to a place of writing. We discussed “Canon” and “Shipping” and how these generate fan fiction. My students have responded brilliantly to FF. Here is a great idea. Utilizing 2 poignant  and related clips from Season 6  of Game of Thrones. In the first scene, Sansa tells Jon that she feels that nothing can be done to make her feel safe  even though he promises to keep her safe from Ramsey. Then The Battle of the Bastards ensues and Jon and his armies take back Winterfell. In the second scene presented, Jon and Sansa discuss how they will live in their home. Jon says he’s not a Stark and Sansa tells him that he is to her. Here is the outcome.


Conversation on the Battlements



Snow was falling as Jon and Sansa walked out onto the high battlements of Winterfell to talk. It was freezing, but this was the only place to talk in confidence. It was also home, where they had run along these ramparts as children. Jon hoped this would give him courage to really speak to her. Snowflakes were starting to gather on Sansa’s hair and eyelashes. Jon wanted to reach up and brush them away, but he was sure that neither of them were ready for that.

“Sansa, I want to tell you something. I’m not good with words that aren’t orders. Please understand.”

“Jon, of course, what is it?”

“When we were discussing the battle with Ramsey, I promised to protect you. You said “No one could protect you.” When you said that something inside me began to twist into a knot. I’d like to say something like…… it broke my heart but, it was a tightness not a shattering.”

“I didn’t say it to hurt you. I was so afraid. I couldn’t go back to Ramsey.”

“I wanted to tell you that I would tear him apart for you. I would stand against him with no armies behind me. For you. I was determined to take back Winterfell and hand it to you. Just to see a small bit of happiness return to your eyes.”

“I wanted our home back. Ramsey was a monster. I wanted to pray but I think I have forgotten how.”

“The only prayer I know is you.”

There was so much more he wanted to say. It just wouldn’t come. He was hesitant, wondering how this new mix of feelings might sound to Sansa. Instead it ran over and over in his head as they stood there quietly watching the snow…….

“Sansa, you are my Winterfell. When I drew my sword, it was for you. Each man I killed was for you. Breaching the gate, was for you. I might have pounded Ramsey to a bloody pulp over you. But, he didn’t belong to me to kill. Father said “The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” He was yours to do with as you pleased. So I stopped, before I killed him in my rage for every pain he caused you.

This is all for you. Unfurl every banner, hang the Direwolf high. I would rebuild every wall, stone by stone with my bare hands for you. I will restore every keep and place a fire in every hearth so you never feel the cold again. I wish it possible to turn back the moons and fix our histories. Our family should never have left. But, that was not our fate.

I ask you again, to accept my promise to keep you safe.  No man will ever touch you without your consent. You don’t even realize what you are to me. You are my home. You are my life now. Standing here with you is a dream, I never thought would come true. I beg you to trust me, as your brother, your sworn sword, and as the one who lives for your every smile, your every look.

Why did I even come back? I don’t know. But when you arrived at Castle Black, I knew where my future lay. With you. I will not leave you. You hold my heart in your hands. I know not the future nor will I try to predict. For this perfect moment know that I am yours, however you shall have me. I stand here with the Lady of Winterfell. Let it be known, the Bastard of Winterfell has taken back their home for his Lady.