Sunset @ Cape Sounion

This is the Temple of Poseidon in Lavrio, Greece. It is said to have one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. It was a sunset to watch and take in to your soul, not just to photograph. Sometimes, I don’t photograph events like sunsets or full moons. They are meant to be enjoyed. They are meant to change your life, not to be viewed through a piece of tech. It felt very sacrilegious to be playing with my tech in the presence of the achievements of the ancients. IMG_8513.jpg

Now that Puerto Rico is getting closer to full power, I finally feel that I can focus on other things in my blog. Thank you all for supporting the Daily Count Up to 100% power in Puerto Rico. #Hastallegar100


Silken Cord


Somewhere in this world or another, there is a silken cord and I am tethered to you. You are like the sun. All I want is to orbit around you as the moon orbits the earth and the earth orbits the sun.


Night falls so quickly as one approaches the Tropic of Cancer. High above the ocean, the sun dropped and clouds revealed the moon. Murcielagos, murcielagos, mi primo yelled to us. Ya vienen pa’ comer los aguacates…. corre, corre, con prisa. Ahora viene Mami. Me voy de aquí.

My cousins and I ran so fast. My aunt was coming…. which meant that she had seen us playing out in the fields, chasing her chickens. The bats were leaving the caves at sundown for their dinner and my cousin was out of there before he got into trouble!





she walks

threading her way among the others

in search of the perfect

space so thin

passing through will scrape

the mortal cocoon away

let the soul transcend

through the needle’s eye

she would go

if she could

passing like a beam of light

into the immaculate

she whispers

to angels and saints

where, where

to the bright white 


O, she says


Poetic License


tender bruise of sky

you give me     in exchange

for a kiss

high on the wall

at sunset     swift

wind catches

my dress    catch me

I’m falling fast

Winter Solstice 2018


sunset comes too early today

night lays its head

on the shoulders of the hills behind me

spreads its arms

fingertip to fingertip

embracing the horizon

too soon as the waves roll in

I have waited here

this cliff above the Atlantic

every solstice of our lives together

calling the moon to rise

shimmer the water like a path

on this longest of nights

it is time to open the hand

if the heart cannot

find the way home


hurry sundown

bring my beloved to me

my heart demands an epiphany

tonight or an apology

for all the other nights

we sat on this very curve of limestone beach

questioning which one of us

was necessity which redundancy

after a while

excuses pile up

thin as bridal veils

there is time enough

this night to chase each pulse

point back to our beating hearts

time enough to commit our souls

into memory with a prayer

of perfect numbers

time enough

to whisper a symphony of desire

a sonata of atonement


I want you regardless

of our sins our pride

your fingers explore

my spine as my fingers

trace your lips

searching for a memory

of a promise

a constellation of grace

Orion’s Belt in this arc of sky

if I close my eyes

before you speak

will the keening wind

overcome bring the dawn

a moment sooner