Can You Believe This?


Carmen Yulín Cruz, Mayor of San Juan

It has been 134 Days since Hurricane Maria made landfall & 148 Days since Hurricane Irma made landfall in Puerto Rico.

In his 80-minute speech, Trump acknowledged Puerto Ricans when he expressed solidarity toward those affected by the floods, fires and storms that hit the country in the past year.
“To everyone still recovering in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, California and everywhere else — we are with you, we love you, and we will pull through together,” Trump said.
But lawmakers said he failed to give Puerto Ricans hope after FEMA said it was ending food and water shipments to the island.
“Not even a mention on PR and FEMA will stop providing food and water tomorrow. We are not in the Republican radar. We must double the fight,” tweeted San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz after attending Trump’s speech.

Carmen Yulín Cruz is my hero!

Vamos pa’ lante, Carmen. Me voy contigo. (We are going forward/ I’m coming with you)