Yoga Journal

We have yoga classes, lectures, and free time under the Bodhi Tree daily. Everyone here is so focused and alive. Tomorrow is a study day for our intensive test. Then we will have a graduation ceremony on Thursday. So sad to think that my time here at the ashram is coming to a close. I’m all tan and happy and focused in an amazing way. Yes, 200 hours of hyper-intensive training. I will be able to teach all forms of yoga. I’ll go into it more next week after this experience is over. Don’t want to stop the FLOW now with details. Just want to share. OM……………….OMG!


Yoga Journal

I’m studying as tomorrow afternoon in the fabulous Florida sun and heat, which I love, I’m teaching my very first Sampoorna Yoga class. I’m trying to memorize 26 pages of notes and discreet details on how and when to breathe in a zillion postures. Gotta go!!!

Om……………………………… omg!


Yoga Journal

It’s late and I can’t sleep. I’m at Yogi Hari Gee’s ashram in Miramar, Florida. I’ve decided to enhance my skill set with Sampoorna Yoga training to be able to teach yoga.

I’ve been here since Friday evening learning about this very flowing and integrated form of yoga. Sampoorna Yoga which is called the yoga of fullness because it integrates body, mind, flow and awesome music and accompanying chanting to open the mind for meditation, peace, calmness and joy.

Ok, I have to get up at 530 to be ready to begin class at 600 am. I am doing my first actual teaching on Friday. So I need sleep, study, and strength.

More to come. Om Shanti!!!